The 2nd DJINN CONFERENCE – the final workshop

All results obtained in the second half of the project will then be gathered in advance to the final workshop. Hence, the final workshop will serve as an open discussion platform for comparing DJINN-partner results with those from scientists outside the project. It should be noted that both workshops do not only provide platforms for open discussions with ‘the outside world’, their added value is a common assessment of results, by gaining new insight and physical understanding, and, most importantly, by opening an assessment and rating process for the success of the project itself.

Data dissemination and gathering

Well before the final workshop, all data obtained will be gathered and cross compared and presented at the final workshop together with presentations by all colleagues contributing to this exercise. It is foreseen that an extended insight into the physics of these pre-selected test cases will be achieved, both for the project partners and for those beyond the DJINN project.

Further information will be issued in time

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