The mid-term Workshop / first DJINN CONFERENCE


Two workshops will be held for the dissemination of knowledge and the exploitation of intermediate and final project results.

On 1 to 3 December 2021, the mid-term workshop, called the first DJINN CONFERENCE, will be held together with scientists and engineers from outside the project. This will open new ways for assessing the progress made in the project and will motivate the work for the second half of the project.

Data dissemination and gathering

Along with the first DJINN CONFERENCE, comprehensive data sets for generic/fundamental test cases will be released to any interested colleague outside the consortium, to offer the possibility to run these test cases using the in-house (codes and) computational environment. These cases will be well described – together with a list of data to be delivered for comparison – and will probably be supported by meshes and/or mesh structures for general use.

All results going to be obtained in the second half of the project (after the first DJINN CONFERENCE) will be gathered in advance of the final workshop / second DJINN CONFERENCE.

The first DJINN CONFERENCE is scheduled for
1-2-3 December 2021 – from noon to noon – at the VKI in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference flyer describes all relevant topics, but still missing information regarding participation, abstracts, fees, travel, etc. will be issued as soon as possible.