The mid-term Workshop

Two workshops will be held for the dissemination of knowledge and the exploitation of intermediate and final project results. Around mid-term, a first workshop will be held together with scientists and engineers from outside the project. This will open new ways for assessing the progress made in the project and will motivate the work for the second half of the project. At the mid-term workshop, generic/fundamental data set(s) will be released to scientists outside the consortium. They will be offered the possibility to run test case(s) using own codes and computational environments.

All results obtained in the second half of the project will then be gathered in advance to the final workshop.

Data dissemination and gathering

At the mid-term workshop all participants will be offered comprehensive (generic/fundamental) data sets for one (or two) open-source test case(s). These cases will be well described – together with a list of mandatory data sets to be provided and compared – and will probably be supported by meshes and/or mesh structures for general use.

At the end of the DJINN project, selected data sets from the workshop exercise(s) will be ported – based on the agreement of the ‘outside’ colleagues – to the ERCOFTAC Wiki data base in close cooperation with the ERCOFTAC data manager.

Further information will be issued in time