Aeroacoustic Installation Effects in Conventional and

New Aircraft Propulsion Systems

22-24 November 2023, HdW/bbw, Berlin

List of Conference Presentations

Invited Lecture I: Chairperson J. Christophe (VKI, Belgium)
L. Rego (Capgemini Engineering, France)
Passive Strategies for Reducing Jet Installation Noise
D. Audiffred, M. Mancinelli, U. Karban, A.V.G. Cavalieri, E. Martini, I. Maia, P. Jordan (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, Universita Roma Tre, Ital - Middle East Technical University, Turkiye - Institut Pprime, France)
Control of free and installed jets and their sound
M. Mancinelli, P. Jordan, M. Nilton, A. V. G. Cavalieri, A. Lebedev (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy - Institut Pprime, France - Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei, Brasil - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Italy)
Flexible trailing edge as a passive noise reduction device for installed jet noise
Th. F. Geyer, L. Enghardt, A. Lucius, M. Schneider (Institute of Electrified Aero Engines, DLR, Germany - ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH, Germany)
Noise generation by cylinders in turbulent flow
CH. Jente, H. Siller, J. Christophe, J. Lawrence (DLR, Germany - VKI, Belgium - University of Southampton, UK)
Isolated jet noise cross-comparison in various EU small and mid-size test facilities and geometric far-field
H. Siller, W. Hage and A. Bassetti (DLR, Institute of Propulsion Technology, Germany)
Preliminary investigations of jet installation noise influenced by a vortex generating liner at the nozzle inner wall
F. de Souza, J. Lawrence (University of Southampton, UK - Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil)
A RANS-based reduced-order model for jet-surface interaction noise
G. J. Page, H. Xia, A. Barnes (Loughborough University, UK)
Assessment of Jet Flap Interaction in the ODIN Clean Sky 2 Project
Z.-N. Wang, B. Harris, J. Tyacke, P. Tucker (University of Birmingham, UK - Brunel University, UK, - University of Cambridge, UK)
On the Noise Sources of Jet and Wing Interactions: a LES-RANS study
J. Christophe, Ch. Jente, H. Siller, J. Lawrence (VKI, Belgium - DLR, Germany - University of Southampton, UK)
Experimental Installed Jet Databases Including Noise Mitigation
F. Sartor, M. Huet, T. Renaud, F. Gand (ONERA, France)
High-fidelity flow and noise simulation of a double-stream jet installed in a T-tail configuration
D. Lindblad, M. Höchel, U. Michel, H. Xia (CFD-Berlin, Germany - Loughborough University, UK)
Robust Regularization of the Boundary Integral Method for Noise Scattering
G. Daviller, F. Renard, E. Charles and J.-F. Boussuge (Cerfacs, France - Airbus Operation S.A.S., France)
Toward realistic jet-installation noise prediction using LBM
J. Dierke, M. Mößner, and R. Ewert (DLR, Germany)
Compressible Large Eddy Simulation of UHBR Jet Installation Noise using Octree-Cartesian Grids: Wind Tunnel vs. Free Flying Aircraft Comparison
Invited Lecture II: Chairperson CH. Schram (VKI, Belgium)
Doug Boyd (NASA LARC, USA)
Community Noise Impact od Urban Air mobility Vehicle Operations
L. Klähn, R. Meyer, L. Caldas, S. Guérin, U. Tapken (DLR, Germany)
Post-test noise predictions for a low-speed fan stage with inflow distortion
T. Lade, S. Guérin (DLR, Germany)
Acoustic Interference Between Three Distributed Propellers
J. E. Barker, A. Zarri, J. Christophe, Ch. Schram (VKI, Belgium - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Numerical Analysis of Tonal Noise Emissions from Shrouded and Unshrouded Contra-Rotating Propellers
E. Gallo, J. De Decker, P. Haezebrouck, Ch. Schram (VKI, Belgium)
Experimental Aeroacoustic Assessment of Coaxial Drone Propellers
I. Zaman, M. Falsi, F. Ahmed, B. Zang, M. Azarpeyvand (University of Bristol, UK - Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy)
Experimental Acoustic Characterisation of the Propeller BLI Configuration for Zero and Adverse Pressure Gradient Boundary Layers
A. Sieradzki, P. Kekus-Kumor, W. Klimczyk (Lukasiewicz Research Network, Institute of Aviation, Poland)
Aeroacoustics of Stacked UAV Rotors – Progress on Computational and Experimental Study
Invited Lecture III: Chairperson: F. Thiele (CFD-Berlin, Germany)
Leonidas Siozos-Rousoulis. (CINEA / European Commission, Belgium)
The contributions of H2020 projects DJINN and ENODISE to EU-funded aviation noise research
U. Tapken, R. Meyer, L. Klähn, M. Behn (DLR, Germany)
Experimental investigation of the influence of boundary layer ingestion on turbo-fan noise generation
Z. Yang, M. Meinke, W. Schröder (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Numerical Investigation of Propeller-Airfoil Interaction Noise Based on Large-Eddy Simulation and FW-H method
A. Franco, S. Mohsen Alavi Moghadam, M. Mößner, J. Dierke, R. Ewert, and J. W. Delfs (DLR, Germany)
Fast Non-Empiric Rotor Noise Prediction Model for Installed Propulsors
J. Manghnani, R. Ewert., J. Delfs, V. Domogalla. (DLR, Germany)
Noise Emissions from Installed Propeller-Wing Configurations using Mid-Fidelity Unsteady Panel Method coupled to FW-H equation-based solver
D. Acevedo-Giraldo, M. Roger, M. C. Jacob, S. Le Bras, K. Kucukcoskun (École Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, France - Siemens Digital Industries Software, Châtillon, France - Siemens Digital Industries Software, Leuven, Belgium)
Analytical Study of the Unsteady Aerodynamic Noise Radiated by Distributed Electric Propulsion Systems
H. A. Abid, A. Markesteijn, I. Solntsev, S. A. Karabasov (GPU-Prime, UK)
Numerical Investigation of Propeller Boundary Layer Ingestion Noise using CABARET on rotating meshes
F. Ahmed, I. Zaman, D. Rezgui, M. Azarpeyvand. (University of Bristol, UK)
Boundary layer ingested ducted fans: an experimental aeroacoustics study
Invited Lecture IV: Chairperson: W. Haase(CFD-Berlin, Germany)
Kyriakos Giannokoglou (NTUA, Greece)
Continuous Adjoint in Shape Optimization, with applications in Aeroacoustics
A. Markesteijn and S. Karabasov (Queen Mary University of London, UK - GPU-Prime, UK)
A semi-automatic toolchain with Large Eddy Simulations accelerated on Graphics Processing Units for rapid modelling of jet installation noise
A. R. Murali, V. Gryazev, U. Armani., A. P. Markesteijn., S. E. Naghibi, V. Toropov., M. C. Jacob, S. A. Karabasov, and V. Riabov (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, Univ Claude Bernard Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, France - Queen Mary University of London, University of East London, UK - Future University Hakodate, Japan)
Reduced Order Modelling of a Reynolds number 106 jet flow using machine learning approaches
J. C. Tyacke, Z.-N. Wang, P. G. Tucker. (Brunel University London, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge, UK)
Hybrid LES-RANS of flight effects on installed jet noise including fuselage
U. Michel, D. Lindblad, M. Höchel (CFD-Berlin, Germany)
Noise Radiation of an Aircraft Wing Next to an Engine Jet Using the Curle Integral and Results of a Scale-Resolving Simulation
H. Demontis, M. Huet (ONERA, France)
Numerical investigation of jet noise sources with a virtual microphone array technique
A. Bassetti, S. Oertwig and H. Siller (DLR, Germany)
Source localization and far-field extrapolation for wind-tunnel measurements of jet installation noise