Please register via the site of our local organizer (VKI), see the button below.

You may also upload an abstract later if you wish – see the right-hand side of this page for that – but please note the deadline for abstract submission, which is  1 November 2021 at the very latest. Please note that it is (as usual) not mandatory to provide an abstract for participating/registering.

(Concerning the registration, you have first to click on ‘sign up’ to create your profile, enter your data, including your personal password. Then click on ‘register’. This will generate an email to you, by which your email address will be validated. Then you can log in directly and proceed with the registration right on.)

After the registration, an invoice will be issued – but note you can delay your payment until the beginning of November (at the latest).


The conference fee is 350€ – and will contain a booklet of abstracts, coffee breaks, lunches, and a workshop dinner. The ‘no-fee’ tickets do only apply to a pre-selected number of people.

All payment actions will be handled by the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI) via your personal login, see above.

It is intended to collect all presentation files and to make them available – free of charge – to all conference participants (as PDF files) via the DJINN website (‘DJINN CONFERENCE’ tab).


Please upload your abstract via the ‘file upload’ below. Please make sure that your abstract does not exceed 1-2 pages and please use the >MS-Word template for writing.

Please either upload the MS-Word file directly (.doc or .docx) or a .pdf equivalent. But please note that we prefer an MS-Word version as it might help us to embed slight layout changes, later on, to compose a coherent layout for the book-of-abstracts.

In case you need to send a corrected or new version later, please do so. And no worries, we will always use the latest version you sent.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Please note the following COVID-19 issue:

If the pandemic will not allow for a face-to-face meeting, the DJINN CONFERENCE will be held online.

In that case, no fees apply accordingly.

But registration is possible at any time and we would even encourage everybody to do so, which gives rise to an advanced and comprehensive planning of the conference.